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    Hey Scott,

    Thanks for sharing such a personal experience with us - what a great illustration of going beneath the surface with your crowd. To share the story behind the tat with us was phenomenal.

    I have to add that I'm glad to see Amanda was there, too. Your marriage is a perfect example of what it means to go beneath the surface.




    Beth Metzger

    ouch,dude! what does that swirly symbol on yer skin mean??

    Terrace Crawford

    Very nice bro... although I don't automatically think elephants. Once hearing your story though... its a very cool design.

    ... and bro, you had a production team with you. Woah - looked like you were doing your own reality show or something. Are these production guys from your church?



    thanks for sending the link to me on facebook, i could not find the pictures for the life of me!

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