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    June 16, 2010


    brandon hatmaker


    Glad you posted this. Rohr is a great thinker. All points resonate with me, but two seem rise to the top:

    1)Learn to study, discern, and search together with their people for solutions.

    I think with the resurgence of missional thinking, church leadership has once again been placed in the pioneering phase. This is a good thing. Tends to make us all learners again. How we process that journey with our people is key.

    2) Let people know the why of a decision, and show how that is consistent with the group's values.

    This is critical for a leader in a day where positional authority is fading and moral authority is so easily lost. Communicating the why - not just the what - is a much necessary (and often neglected) part of gaining and maintaining moral authority with both staff and lay leaders.

    Good stuff. thanks again.

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