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    March 23, 2010



    sounds like an incredible weekend! i love these thoughts and i'm also doing my best to awaken our community to their potential as created creators.

    Tammy Helfrich

    I heard so many people comment about how touched they were (as was I), to see her stop her painting and raise her hands in worship during "Majesty". What a beautiful service it was!

    Chris Courtney

    Oh man, Scott... I got a chill just reading your post. I gotta get down to Aurora one weekend to see what you guys are up to and how God is moving through The Orchard!


    As worshipers in the congregation, it's also important for us to lead those around us by engaging in God Honoring worship.


    Sounds like a beautiful weekend. I think that idea of us as a congregation helping to lead each other in worship is really important - it's supposed to be this really communal thing! It's very exciting to watch you guys journey into the arts more and more... and still makes me want to be there in this journey with you!

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