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    March 09, 2010



    glad you made it back safely!

    Eric Olsen

    ok, that's kind of annoying that your iPhone takes cooler photos than I can with a real camera. awesome shots!

    Shannon Chapman

    Hey man these pics are great...hope your trip was super productive for you. I am coming to the Chicago at the end of October. I would love to be able to set up a time where were could meet face to face.

    I will contact you about that later.

    PS What app did you take photos with?????

    mike foster

    your photos are totally better than mine :) great hangin with you in one of the greatest cities in the world!

    renaissance costume

    no way.. You just used an iphone for this? nice man.. I hope i can have that talent of yours.. more power and good luck.. :)

    Nathan Camp

    I second the request, what APP did you use for these pics?

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