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    December 01, 2009


    Steven Fogg

    Hey Scott,

    great blog! I think we can kill innovation by being too comfortable or just darn lazy. Or even worse still - just look at what others are doing and "be inspired"

    I just posted my latest blog on this point exactly! The No.1 Communications Killer (And How To Defeat It).

    Kudos to you from Melbourne, Australia.

    Ron Edmondson

    This is great stuff Scott. Thanks for sharing!

    Tony McCollum

    Great post, Scott! Very timely for us too. Thanks for posting it.

    Colleen Wenner

    Wow, this really opens my mind to look for more possibilities and create more creativity, if that makes sense, in our children's ministry teams. Thanks for knocking down the glass ceiling so to speak!

    tom roepke

    scott...i'm thinking your math is pretty good. the formula is excellent...great post. we've been living in the reality that God has given all we need to do ministry. we're having fun...right now thinking it through. looking forward to what others are doing.


    Sweet post Scott.

    With hope


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