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    November 12, 2009


    Eric Olsen

    my soul skipped a beat just reading this post. yea!

    cynthia cullen

    This is a dream that I have for our church to connect at this level with artists on Hilton Head Island. Blessings to you, Scott, and your team. This is huge!

    Scott Huck

    Exciting to see this happening ... I think unless you have purposely left out photographers as artists.

    Which kind of makes me laugh in a sad way, "Will post photos after this weekend..." disclaimer: but don't be mistaken, the photographer is not the artist but rather the art / artist in the photograph.

    Chris Courtney

    What an AWESOME ministry! Being created in the image of the Creator, we are creative beings. What a wonderful way to celebrate our Creator - honoring Him with our created works of art.

    Carole Turner

    Great idea. I am an artist but I live in Baton Rouge Louisiana so I can't come see all the great art you are gonna show.

    I was there for Story Conference and I have to say, you are a great MC! Seriously, your very good at that!

    Your church is beautiful, modern yet homey and inviting.

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