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    October 23, 2009


    Dawn Bryant

    Beautiful. Powerful. Meaningful. Good stuff.


    Looks great Scott! Just wondering if that candle under your chair gets a little warm on the rear end. :-)

    jason salamun

    Wow Scott!

    Your logo and website are spectacular. Fantastic use of color and images. Plus, I love the stories section.

    Big ups to you and your crew!


    Way to go Scott and team. Hot logo and hot website. Very cool.
    Thank you for having a passion to aggressively reach your community in a progressive way.

    matt bortmess

    Looks great Scott... very striking.

    Benny Salas

    Good move! Like the new logo and Design.

    Johnny Laird

    Kevin! You beat me to the candle gag! :-)

    The new site and logo look great.



    The logo looks great!

    I don't get why you changed your church's name. If you're Assembly of God you should have in your name and be proud of it. There are so many (insert whatever generic name) Community Churches out there and they all seem to blend together into some sort of Bapticostal melange. A name should mean something. I'm proud of my Lutheran heritage and I'm glad my church has "Lutheran" in its title. It says there are some very distinctive issues that set us apart from the Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist and Roman Catholic churches down the street.

    I know this sounds harsh, but I see the (insert whatever generic name) Community Church trend as nothing less than dishonest advertising.

    David Richardson

    Greetings, Scott, from sunny Florida!

    I'm a pastor that visits here from time to time, and I enjoy your site. Happy to hear about the good changes that have taken place at your church over the past few years. That tells me there is hope for the rest of us that are serving in ministry.

    The new logo looks great. Congratulations on a job well done.

    Best wishes for you and yours.

    David Richardson
    First Baptist Church of Sebring, Florida

    Jeremy McGinnis

    Like your site and logo. But, love your story on your site. I really appreciate peering into your journey. Especially hearing your dad's heart. I am coming alongside my dad (29 yr pastorate-founder) to transition our church (COG-Cleveland TN). Lots of interesting things happening. Again, thanks.

    Love the new logo man. Its part-organic, part-tribal. I think it speaks of engagement and also of having deeps roots and wide branches, of going deep and reaching far!

    Steven Fogg

    This is the best brand for a church I have seen. So non-conformist arty & organic in its feel.

    Dawn & Keith - In.Cred.Ible.

    Scott. Way to go for giving them the freedom.

    I'd like to hear how it reflects & represents your culture?

    Custom Logo Design

    i like the new logo, beautiful

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