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    October 14, 2009


    Terrace Crawford

    I can so relate, Scott. My dad passed away in May 2003. Good post. Here's to our fathers!

    --Terrace Crawford

    Randy Bohlender

    Great post, Scott. I am grateful for how you regularly take a moment to honor your dad. You're doing more than just reflecting - you're laying a pattern for those in your sphere of influence. Good stuff.

    Powerful post Scott. I feel the same way about grace. I never "got it" till I needed it so desperately. So thankful for what God has done in and through you in the last five years.

    Isaac Downing

    Thanks for sharing. The honest reflection of love & respect you have for your father is refreshing. It makes me (and I'm sure several other readers) wish I could have met him.

    Randy Schoof

    Scott, you know this - but it's worth repeating. Your dad was a great friend, mentor, and example of Jesus to me. I miss him a lot too, and I know that much of the great kingdom stuff that we see in Aurora is a result of your dad's work and prayers.

    My dad, who was huge in my life, and contributed a lot to Warehouse Church - is buried about 30 feet from your dad. So I enjoy the times at the cemetery... thanking God and being inspired.



    Thanks for sharing your journal entry. I need to keep that in front of me often. Especially "What has been missed, will one day be compensated for." And the photo is just perfect.


    Scott, I loved your Nines vid because you talked about your dad!
    I woke up today and talked with my wife about my dad for quite awhile; it's been 6 years since he passed.
    Thanks for your post. I hope you ride well this wave of grief and that Christ will comfort you.

    Larry Boatright

    Wow... simply amazing...



    "Hope tells me..."... Hope has a lot to say, I hate that I fail to listen.

    Thanks for the Truth!

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