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    October 07, 2009


    Yvonne Smith

    Pastor Scott,

    That is a very similar experience that many of us had in El Salvador years ago. There was so much beauty in the people and children in spite of their circumstances. There are many stories to share and lives that are touched by mission work. Please reach out to your community and tap into the resources that you have before you to help your mission's teams grow. Many of us that have traveled on missions trips can tell our story as well, to help the people that are afraid to take that 'leap of faith,' take that extra step.

    Thanks Scott.

    I needed the reminder to ask God to open my eyes to the beauty around me... instead of being lazy & expecting my self-occupied eyes to spot it. I need to seek it, like you said.

    A friend just told me that beauty attracts. Noticing beauty around me attracts me to and points me back to my God, the Author of all Good & Beautiful Things.

    Thank you for doing that in your post.

    Dawn Carter

    Ronel  Sidney

    What an amazing reminder!!

    Christian music

    We often don't see the beauty of our environment. This is a good reminder that we don't always see beauty as what it is defined.

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