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    March 10, 2009


    Joni Ruhs

    My kids LOVE the space formerly known as Wahabu. I gave my suggestions to Kathryn. My favorite was "Not Your Mama's Sunday School" ;) JD & Maddie say God City. Orchard Street or The Alley were others we thought of.


    You could call it the "OK Lounge" (play off Burger King's unofficial name "BK Lounge". "OK" stands for "Orchard Kids"...


    the refinery


    Looks great but I do have one question. Who or what is behind that green door without a door knob? Mwahhhhhh....


    Uptown... "hey were you goin?"... "I'm going Uptown..."

    hey.. I got all kinds of graphic ideas for that... lol!

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