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    October 01, 2008


    Rob Edwards

    At the end of the three months, will you post it on your website? Or will we need to email you to request it?


    Truly an awe-inspiring series, Scott. Great visuals to tie with the lessons, thought-provoking and study-encouraging readings, and both personal and familial exercises.

    We've learned a lot and feel more humble and closer to God than ever. And we're continuing to work toward understanding who God wants us to become and what that means for us as individuals and a family.

    Our views of rubber bands has changed too. :D



    why are there two number 2's? i like the twitter idea. how'd that work with those who weren't twitter-ites? found your blog via Stuff Christians Like.

    thanks for being daring enough to combine techhnology with ancient spiritual disciplines. i hope that it has proven fruitful for your ministry.

    Pat Callahan

    Dig the set - stole the idea for ours...

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