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    October 06, 2008




    if you have the money, Le Cirque at Belagio is a crazy good restaurant, modeled after the 5 star in NYC. Try the multi course menu.

    Scott Bloyer

    How does the computer program help you with sermon prep and does it work with MAC? Looking to develop this area in my own sermon prep more.

    Shannon Chapman

    Hey man I will be at Catalyst. We are actually bringing 34 people from our community with us. I would love the chance to get to meet you face to face. I still look at my notes often from our video chat we did months ago. Hope all is well!

    John Bunn

    I'll be at Catalyst!


    Ride the roller coaster at the tippy-top of the Stratosphere...and put your Starbux down b4 you do ;)


    My buddy lee is in Vegas on staff at The Crossing. If you want some golf....he's the one you want to call. Let me know and I'll get you in contact with him. You'd enjoy great conversation with Lee.

    Skyler Goodman

    Two words for you. Mesa Grill! Absolutely fantastic. The SW Steakhouse at the Wynn is also a great meal. Trust me my friend...always follow the big kid to lunch!

    Dale Schaeffer

    Very excited to hear you'll be at Riverside in November...great church...I'll definitely be there!


    i'll be at catalyst! i'm actually sitting in the airport right now waiting to be picked up!!!

    Mark LeHew

    Thanks Scott! You're Dump is my Treasure! I'm not sure if that sounds right.

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