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    September 19, 2008


    Evan Courtney

    A lot of generous people on twitter.
    I got a phone sent to me with my was broken from a twitter follower.


    I was in the Baltimore, Hartford and Oakland airports this last couple weeks. Baltimore and Oakland had Boingo, Hartford??? Free WiFi. That's right FREE!!!

    Since I am not a Twitter person, nor do I have an iPhone to post on Twitter I guess I won't get any freebies from Boingo.

    I'll be honest if I don't have to fly out of Nashville anytime soon that is fine with me. I remembered these last few weeks why I didn't like traveling for work even in the late 90's and basically commuted via airplane.


    i haven't been on your site in ages. far too long. i'm enjoying the new look and feel.

    and how awesome that boingo chipped in with some free airtime!

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