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    July 29, 2008


    David Russell

    I hope their insurance company isn't watching this. :)

    Kevin Davis

    That is awesome. I was just saw a youtube video of a youth pastor slip - pretty funny stuff.

    carl Thomas

    That's what he thinks about the product table!


    Love it! Perhaps there will be a youth ministry work day gotten out of it.


    TAAAAA DAAAAA!!!!!!!

    randy bohlender

    ...and that's how Pastor Johnny became the assistant vice president of royal rangers.

    Mark Bennardo

    Anybody who would drive a motorcycle through a crowd is an idiot. But still, the clip made me laugh.

    Ross Middleton

    You gotta love youth ministers

    S. Pihlaja

    You know you're doing it right when you can't tell if it's a circus or a church.

    Anna Hammond

    Saweet. We have been looking for some fantabulous new ideas for Orchard.Students. This is insano perfect!

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