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    July 31, 2008


    michael buckingham

    Here's a true story that happens over and over and I think it illustrates just how little people do listen:

    In meeting someone for the first time, I introduce myself, "Hello. I'm Michael."

    Their response is, "Do you like Mike or Michael?"

    okay, not a big deal but seriously wouldn't I have introduced myself as Mike if that's what I preffered?

    I respond, "Michael."

    And without hesitation they continue their conversation..."So what I was thinking we could do Mike is..."

    Why ask?

    Now I don't really care if you call me Mike, I'm not really that pretentious, but why go through that exercise to simply ignore me?

    Wes Bell

    Good word!

    Johnny Leckie

    I hear you, man. :)


    what? could you say that again? I'm still wondering who needs to shut their hole and can I be there when they are told. kidding of course... kind of. great post.


    You hit the nail on the head, Scott. Great post. I just blogged about this and linked it.

    I hate when people approach me and just begin talking about themselves. "Hi! Wanna hear about me, me and me? And I, and me and myself and me, me me!" And then they walk away. :)

    Jenni Catron

    Great stuff, Scott!

    Pete Wilson

    Thanks for the tips Scott. I've learned so much from asking the right questions over the years.

    I still have more questions than answers, but I guess that's just part of the journey.


    I was linked to this by Perry Noble's blog and I have to tell you that its tremendously helpful to me. Im that talker and I AM going to read this 4 times...maybe more. My husband and I recently met with a new couple older than us and I truly believe I didnt listten enough. Thankfully, they still want to continue meeting with us despite my selfishness. I am struggling to work on this. I praise the Lord for providing people all around us like you, and Perry, and my new friends that are always willing to mentor, coach, lead, but consistently listen.

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