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    June 19, 2008


    Paul W. Swansen

    OMG! Cute overload.

    Paul W. Swansen

    I also see an etrade commercial in his future...

    jamey johnson

    YESSSSSSSS!!!!, I know!!!!!!!!!! The only problem? a $2000 problem...AHHH, but Asset-Based thinking says, "Put it on your BLOG wish list" I feel better already...thanks Hodge


    Jamey -

    Buy used macs. I've been mac guy since I bought my first one in '94, and haven't bought a new one yet.

    Typing on a used mac even as we speak, less than a grand.

    I'm budget minded and can still be a mac snob. The best of both worlds.



    So if anyone wants to hand down their latest Mac to my husband Doug when they upgrade to ichat with the Hodge children, feel free to contact me.

    Rob Dale

    Scott, I think there are all kinds of reasons to switch to Mac ...
    However, I haven't really used iChat all that much. I do find the video on Skype very good - and it allows you to video chat with Windooze users as well

    Terrace Crawford

    I just did... and look forward to all the mac-uses.


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