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    April 11, 2008


    Eric Bryant

    Thanks for sharing your notes!

    mike foster

    hey scott...thanks for sharing all these thoughts and covering this stuff...i stopped taking notes because i knew i could go to your blog and get all the nuggets there :)...peace...mike.


    Hey Scott, it was great to meet you at the 11th hour at Q! I, too, want to thank you for your detailed posts. I enjoyed them even after being in the sessions and blogging my own reactions. I was hoping to read your summary of Os Guiness! He was so amazing, and so detailed. I know my analysis is flawed and it is intimidating even to try to outline him!

    I took a few minutes (sitting at JFK in delay) to read up on your church and its story. I found your article about the transition and your dad's role in it incredibly touching. My dad died after 6 weeks of illness at roughly the same time, and we, too, had to pick up a mantle when we were not expecting to do so for many years. I recognized so many of those emotions.

    Again, nice to meet you. I'll be following the blog...


    Awsome notetaking. It's quite the help. As a church leader who works a day job in advertising, I'm finding Shane's testimony quite compelling and what he has to say, another way of putting words on something that's I've owned in some other medium up until late. ;)


    Excellent points. We must do out best to be the light. Others will be drawn as they see something different about us Christians. This is one of the best ways to share the Love of God.

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