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    April 03, 2008


    Michael Demastus

    When were you in Des Moines? I live on the South Side. I've lived there for almost 10 years now. I am currently in Oklahoma City at the MinstryTECH Conference. Believe it or not, I've never been to the Big Tomato Pizza Company.


    Cheeseburger pizza is one of the most awesomely-aweful ideas ever. It sounds terrible, but when done correctly (without the ketchup & mustard...and with pizza sauce) it is a small slice O' heaven on earth! There's a pizza joint here in Peoria that gets it right (Firehouse Pizza) it's great stuff.

    Enjoy OKC.


    And you titled the donut pictured Sin?!!!!!!!

    Dan Smith


    I found your blog via my boss' blog Alex Alexander. I work at Lake Hills Church with him in Austin, TX. I was reading your blog this morning and was brought back to a great surprise. Big Tomato Pizza! Did you have to stand in line for a long time? I grew up in Iowa and lived a few years in Des Moines. I remember going with friends late at night and standing in line forever in usually cole, wet, rainy, or snowy weather just to get a slice. Oh, that brings back memories. There is also a Deli just down the road (Manhattan Deli), from Big Tomato. It is great. If you get back to Des Moines, check it out. I dare you to order the Hot Vitos sandwich!. Take care. I am definitely going to read more. Thanks.



    GREAT memory! I pastored in Iowa for 4 years and YES Cheeseburger pizza is the bomb! I had never heard of it before Iowa and haven't seen it since we left. GREAT stuff.


    Looks delish!!

    The thing is, I know that Subway (unless they've stopped this program, like I recently found Panera [at least the one I went to] stopped their pizzas) started selling pizzas... But I found, when I ordered one, before a flight at our airport, that they are sub sandwich-type pizzas. (Pizzas, made with Subway-type toppings and condiments.)

    That is one thing that came to mind, when I saw this entry, the other night/morning.

    I think I'm going to order a pizza right now.

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