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    March 06, 2008


    Matt Bortmess

    I love this pic from Starbucks. I enjoy it each time I hit the bathroom!


    Sounds like a great sermon series to me!!!

    Larry Boatright

    this pic is in our starbucks as well... and NOT in the bathroom!


    Hey, I really, really like that. They really ought to move it out of the john and put it in a more prominent place. Too good to just let the men patrons see it!


    Great painting indeed.... def needs moved out of the mens room!

    Roland Thomas Gilbert

    Ah, yes. But will it improve my Starbucks restroom experience? ... if you catch my drift.


    Have the same one in my Starbucks here in Jacksonville. Except, it's in the lobby.


    well, good think the restrooms are for 1 at starbucks. can't imagine what someone would think as you whip out your iPhone to take a snapshot in the lieu.


    I don't EVEN want to know. And please tell me there are some things NOT reported on Twitter.


    Taking pictures with your iPhone in the bathroom... you don't do that in other locales, do you? :)


    The other sign in Starbucks bathroom:

    employees must wash hands AND iPhone.


    I didn't know so many people like this pic. Well, I fell in love with it also. I will be preaching a sermon titled, The Deeper the Roots the Higher the Reach. Started doing some research on tree roots. Please know God is a GREAT Creator!!!

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