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    March 28, 2008


    Stephanie Gulland

    Can I just say "Jealous!"? We were going to take David the first weekend it came out, and he decided he didn't want to see it any more. I am going to be gone all weekend on an Encounter Weekend. I will be back at church on Sunday morning. I asked him if he would like to go see the movie or spend time playing board games or something like that at home. He chose the board games. I am glad because we can interact and make memories that way, but I really want to see that movie!!!

    Brad Ruggles

    I've wanted to take my girls to go see that (translated: I'm trying to make up an excuse to see it myself!).

    I've heard it was pretty good.

    Brad Ruggles

    sacred vapor

    excellent movie... Lots of fun and the characters are very like-able.

    Pete Wilson

    Saw it with my boys. We loved it.


    it wasnt a bad film, i've never been a fan of the Dr. Seuss stuff though

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