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    February 12, 2008


    Chris Baker

    Free refills on brewed coffee would be amazing. Even one free one (one for the road) would be amazing! Looks like some good changes are happening. Happy there switching to AT&T from what I read.


    man, lovin' the 2 free hours of wifi... I'm an AT&T guy (a must with the iPhone), so I was shut out - now, I'll be back online!!

    and yeah, I'm with you on the free refills - even one would be nice. Can't just drink one mug of Italian Roast!

    Chris S.

    Scott, I am with you on the huge challenge of changing a culture but here is the thing... I believe that Howard has it way easier than you or I because he has the leverage of the paycheck and plenty of people wanting to get a job at Starbucks. In a church, when it comes to volunteers, if people don't like or don't want to change the just walk out and find another church.

    Chris Brown

    I have to admit, I did like the breakfast sandwich (The sandwich was my "hooray it's friday" treat.)...and just so they don't close the new store right across the street from me. Otherwise I love the changes.


    What would you say is the major connection between starbucks and Jesus? Because every Christian has to have two tings in life, starbucks and I right? I love you.


    Big Chris

    Too bad Howie's leadership and vision didn't extend to his ownership of the Seattle Supersonics. He created a gigantic mess for fans in and of Seattle. An absolute train wreck of leadership, and a stab in the back to many loyal people.

    So if you are going to look at the good you should at least be aware of the bad.

    Big Chris

    Brad McDonald

    I wonder if he will pull out the automatic espresso machines?

    Also, the franchises at the stores and hotels need more training. I have been in more than one "conversation" about the number of espresso shots that belong in my americano.

    Grande Americano with room for walking

    Rich Barrett

    Scott- surprised to hear you're not getting free refills on brewed coffee. The only time I get charged for a same-visit refill is when I'm at a Starbucks where the staff doesn't know me.

    Spend enough time at the same Starbucks, have some meetings there, and sometimes even your first cup of coffee is free!


    this is exciting... i read howards book in the summer and it really impressed me... im slowly growing to like st arbucks!


    I don't think the FDA approves that much caffeine consumption- their brewed coffee is off the charts. One cup is plenty Scott.

    Your ADD will thank me.

    Brad Ruggles

    Wow...that's big news. Somehow I missed that news story.

    I've read the book "Pour Your Heart Into It" by Howard Schultz so I love his philosophy. It will be interesting to watch this change in direction for Starbucks.

    Brad Ruggles

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