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    January 08, 2008



    wait till he gets a hold of your external hard drive @ 7years old.


    3 year old + Borrowing Dad's Earbuds = No Hair Gel?

    I don't get it.....

    Jim Henry


    I've lost 2 pairs of earbuds, 3 DVD's and had my office whiteboard covered with permanent marker...Ohhh the joys of parenting!

    Read Scott

    My dog borrowed my wife's cell phone. It didn't turn out pretty either.


    Haha hope the 3 year old is still in one piece and not as tangled as those ear buds!

    Chip Sanders

    Been there my friend.

    Daryl Strickland

    I don't see any ear wax, that's always a good thing

    Nathan Hov

    Awesome - just clip the ipod nano to your collar and call it a day.

    Paul W. Swansen

    Those look like my normal ear buds...


    Happens to me all the time.

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