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    December 09, 2007


    Andrew Conard

    Scott - Thanks for sharing the news about what is happening at The Orchard on Christmas Eve. I am curious about the use of tickets. It makes sense to spread out the current attenders across various services to prevent overflow, however what about those who may come for the first time on Christmas Eve? Are tickets available for just a portion of the space / seats and the rest available for guests? How are the tickets distributed? Thanks for sharing your story!


    1pm sounds early for a christmas eve candle light service...


    Scott, I'm seeing this concept of tickets to attend a Christmas service a little more often this year. And I understand its principle: you want to have a good idea of how many are going to attend and now have massive overcrowding of services.

    But my question is what happens if someone does come to one of those services w/o a ticket? Are they turned away? Or what if a family has tickets, but a friend drops by the house from out of town over the holidays...and wants to come along to church with them, but the guest doesn't have a ticket?

    I'm just really curious. Thanks.

    Andrew Conard

    Gail - My experience is that 1:00 PM is not too early, as long as it can be dark in the space. We had Candlelight services on Sunday AM last year...

    Scott - Thanks for the response.

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