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    December 11, 2007



    Or a great place to sit with your laptop if you aren't easily distracted.

    Josh Phillips

    I should take a pic of the one in Asheville. It's a Star-HIPPYBAR-ucks. A blend w/ the local trend.


    Those are all over NYC. I guess it's a space issue here.

    zach harrod

    I see these bars at all the new Starbucks here in Europe. Since we don't have one in Prague I visit more Starbucks than I should when I visit other cities. But rumor has it that one is opening up here, I wonder if it will rock a bar?


    I have sat at the bar downtown Riverside the last year. Loved it

    Nathan Hov

    They have this set-up in Vancouver B.C. as well.

    Tom Rawls

    Maybe a Star Baruck Obama - just kidding. Tom Rawls

    Dan Musaraca

    ... Am I the only one here who thinks that Starbucks needs to start refocusing their attention on the quality of their core product (coffee/espresso) equally as much as their focus on image enhancement?

    PJ Thompson

    Hey Scott it has been awhile not sure if you remember me I was one of the Northern Ireland gang who visited Summer 06!!! Came across your Blog .... You should really check out The Starbucks Ireland Style lol!!! Hope things are well with you and your family

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