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    December 30, 2007


    Mark Burleson

    wow.. I'm a charismatic, but even that leaves me scratching my head.

    larry boatright

    I got nothin.


    At least they got a couple of Shun-Da's in there!

    Dan Atchison

    Wow... for $37 plus $8.95 shipping, there better be an interpretation on the back. Not real sure how I feel about these. Man...

    eric chapman

    come on... where's the link to the second shirt that i'd actually wear?!?


    no, No, NO, NO, NO-O-O-O-O-O!!!!!!!

    They come with a label of authenticity? What the - ? Says who?


    hm. i like the second one better.


    don't laugh...if you ever sense the flames of pentecost getting a little low you can just take a look at your t-shirt and get inspired


    I'm sorry if our Rod Parsely conversation yesterday led you to this.

    Please forgive me.


    Oh Scott. I found this link back in one of my posts from last December. Maybe for your girls?


    Hmmmmm. The last Tee is the best


    that is sooooo wrong!!

    Debbie Bock

    Ok, I am not a stick in the mud, but I can't believe that this is a good thing! At almost $40 per shirt after shipping, someone is making a fortune!!

    Mark Batterson

    All I can say is that it beats speaking in tongues underwear. Are you kidding me?




    That purple t-shirt is hilarious!

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