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    December 15, 2007



    We are fighting the monthly leadership community battle - I say "battle" because we just can't seem to get the numbers of leaders we would like. What percentage of leaders would you say show up in a given month?

    Scott Magdalein

    Just watched your Innovate '07 session. Nice stuff. Thanks for being honest and not just a motivational speaker that spouts "positive thoughts" rather than truth.


    If I can speak about FUEL from one of Scott's FUEL leaders......

    The reason it works at The Orchard is the fact that Scott and the rest of the staff ALWAYS bring the agenda back to the mission.

    I've been a part of other leadership groups and every time we would get together, the pastor had read a new book, and then would seemingly change our focus. As someone who faithfully attended those meetings, it would get frustrating, and eventually you stop serving missionally, and begin serving out of obligation.

    At The Orchard, the focus never changes. The "WHY" is always emphasized. Every meeting starts with encouragement. Scott makes a point to compliment and build up his staff. There's never any grumbling about poor attendance.

    The environment is contagious!!

    Jon Ferguson

    Reading this made me want to re-dedicate my life . . . to Leadership Community (our version of "Fuel")?.?.?. I'm tearing up even as I write. Great reminder. Thanks!


    A few questions: Who is included? How many people does that end up being? What venues, types of locations do you use?

    Brad Martin

    great idea! this is something that we might start doing in 2008!

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