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    November 20, 2007


    Stephen Douglas

    Hey Scott-

    How did you find the sign on my front lawn?

    Oh, reminds me of a few sermon series titles I want to do:

    1. Why I Suck: The Depravity of Man

    2. Come On In And Get the Hell Out

    Lol....hope all is going well man


    Daryl Fitts

    Christmas is one of those times of year that people remember that they should attend a service because of their upbringing.

    With the Surburban excess of the season, what do we do to bring people in to the church and how do you impact the visitors to see the larger year around day by day picture?

    I am always reminded that I enjoy certain films from the holiday season that remind us of Gods 2nd chance for us. Christmas Carol, It’s a wonderful life, The Grinch! All these stories remind me of how God gives us that 2nd chance to connect. How do we let outsiders see the same 2nd chance opportunity that they have when they make their once a year pilgrimage to religion.

    Mike Morehart

    Very Good Idea....

    CH_ _ CH

    What's Missing?


    Everytime I see a sign like that I want to drive right through it...Miss this!!!!

    Bernard Shuford

    While I despise these kinds of signs as much as the next guy, maybe not as much as you, I'm starting to dislike some of the new "churchese" just as much as I do the old... Haven't we, for instance, about worn out the word "unchurched"? :) (This is a friendly post, but it's hard to not slide into some of that same mess...) And please don't always judge the entire church by the sign out front - there are some sweet little ladies that do ours that I would never want to hurt, but they pick some of the gookiest things, sometimes. :)


    Man do I HATE church signs. Do people really believe that people will read signs like this and saying to themselves "what must I do to be saved".

    What is wrong with putting time and date on the church sign.

    I did a post on this a while back.

    Paul W. Swansen

    Great Start. Looking forward to more of this. Didn't Terry Storch have a similar thread earlier this year re: "Christian Bumper Stickers?"


    all you have is 25??

    Zach Montroy

    Scott-I thought I saw that at The Orchard when I drove by the other day...

    Just kidding :) How are things?

    Debbie Bock

    My pastor recently shared that during his 43 years of preaching, he had spent the first 20 years trying to change people so that they could be accepted by the church and the next 23 trying to get the church to change to accept people! Based on this thinking, we have seen our church grow from 100 in 2003 to over 500. Our mission statement is "Where Christ is our passion and people are our purpose". Kind of says it all.

    Nate Williams

    Signs like this don't make me laugh they make my angry. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this. Ok, maybe they make me laugh a little.

    Roland Thomas Gilbert

    A certain denomination of religious affiliation near my house here in North Texas recently used, "TURN OR BURN" on their marquee. I wish I'd taken a picture of it to forward to you ... Yes, church marketing still sucks.


    I think if you've got a sign out front of your church, you will most certainly be judged by its content. Its YOUR sign with YOUR name on it. And if there are a couple of cute little old ladies making up the phrases because that's what they've always done, then take down the sign and help them find a kinder way to use their creativity. Sorry. Pet peeve from someone who has been creatively insulted by church leaders patronizing the cute.

    Travis Mitchell


    I don't necessarily endorse this type of evangelism. But I'm curious, what do you make of the stout warnings in Scripture? As much as the phrase "turn or burn" is hated among emerging folks, what do you make of Jesus' "repent or persish" woe oracles?

    You believe warning someone about the reality of hell is the number one reason 75% of your community is unchurched?


    yesterday's "church signs" are today's "church blogs"...

    jamey johnson

    who came up with, "stop, drop and role"? Dick Van Dyke, he said that everytime on his commericals for fire saftey.


    I totally agree Scott and I agree with Joni as well. Just because we've done something for so long doesn't mean we can't just keep doing it even if it's going to hurt someones feelings. It's rough to say but personal feelings can't come before the mission to reach the unchurched or disconnected. Someone with a horrible voice shouldn't be allowed to sing just because they enjoy it or "have a good heart".


    You know church signs really are annoying.

    Bernard Shuford

    "Someone with a horrible voice shouldn't be allowed to sing just because they enjoy it or "have a good heart"."

    Yes, they should. There is a time and a place for everything, but just blindly tossing people to the curb who do things in ways that I don't like, or without skills that meet my tastes, is freaking rude.

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