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    November 10, 2007


    Marylou Chang

    Dear Reverend Scotthodge,

    After having emailed directly unto you, I am now attempting to try to reachout to you in this forum, in hopes that you will view my plea and respond in accordion.

    Since April 1, 2004, I have attempting to secret out two point four millions of dollars, preferably with a percent into your bank for the help of getting me the money orders.

    Please purchase aforementioned orders of money at your nearest 7/11 and forward them to me at my address.


    Marylou Chang


    7/11...heh...everyone knows that the best place to purchase aforementioned orders of money is at your nearest Walgreens!

    connor Mccullough

    Ha, i was just checking/deleting my spam and discovered the same email...


    I just noticed that too. In fact, I received that same one yesterday...I just received one today that said, "Did Christ die for everyone...see what my Calvinist friend says." It was SPAM for some website that I didn't go to...How are they able to so specific like that???


    I think she's sincere and I'm claiming all the money! Sorry you all missed it!

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