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    October 30, 2007


    Larry Boatright

    Great post, man. Great great insight. I know when I have that conversation that smudges my perception, it can get me unfocused for days. Smudges make us lose our focus.

    Harvard Business Review? That's so worldly. Sinner :)


    Very interesting Scott. I just got new lenses recently and I was just talking to Amanda about it on Sunday! I needed her to help me get a little smudge off of the new ones and she did. It is so nice to see things a bit clearer now. Ok so I know that we both got new contact lenses last week but that is not what I am talking about here! BTW- thanks again.


    so good. thank you.


    Great great post. Did HBR happen to mention that Jesus is a good smudge remover?

    Jim Henry

    Thanks Scott...I needed to read that today!

    Jesse Watson

    Scott - I just finished this article in HBR. I couldn't believe it when I read your post. Great stuff!


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