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    September 16, 2007




    Not really....

    Only proof that you own a tie.

    I've seen you wear a white shirt.

    I've seen you wear a jacket.

    I need a full on body shot!!

    Skyler Goodman

    Wow...impressive. Dapper Dan!


    just a random observation... are most Hodge pictures with an open mouth? that would be a great picture montage...


    dude, you look good....

    Larry Boatright

    Well Brother Scott, you sure do clean up nice!!

    Chad Payne

    Hey, dude. Nice threads.



    S. Pihlaja

    You look pretty damn good. You need a non-orange tie though.

    Paul W. Swansen

    Hearing ZZ Tops Sharp Dressed Man playing in the background. Quick, alert the Mens Department at Macy's!


    what you don't see are his cut off jean shorts and flip-flops that he has on...

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