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    September 04, 2007



    yea, i refuse to turn it on, because if i turn it on i would have a new MBP, an iMac, a new iPod and a lot of debt in days... lol


    I hear ya - try working for them! Whenever I go into work at the Mac Store.....oh man...temptation ABOUNDS!!! They are making a "iPod Announcement" Today!! Could be a touch screen iPod! Oh man......I'm sooooooo gonna be broke....


    One Click aka ista-debt. Not for me either. I have a severe apple addiction. Steve Jobs is "Willie Wonka"

    Bill Graver

    I just watched some live updates on the Apple event. Not only have they released a new iPod touchscreen model that looks just like an iPhone, but they've actually cut the price on the 8GB iPhone to $399.

    Ugh! What to do? What to do?


    Flee Joseph, fleeeeeee!!!!!!

    Brian Ayers

    Especially with the iPhone now costing $200! In fact I want the ENTIRE iPod line they debuted yesterday!

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