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    July 05, 2007


    Charles Cole

    This post rocks


    Thanks Scott. Looking forward to these posts.

    Robert Pooley

    I'm ready... go for it!


    I've noticed that when people leave church, even when it's moderately pleasant, it's like when we were in high school and your girl friend said "let's just be friends" (a.k.a. she dumped you). You say you'll be friends, but you never are again.

    Same with the church. When someone leaves, I've never seen a pastor maintain the friendship that they apparantly had when they were members, unless there is a hidden motivation to get them to return to the church.

    I'm looking forward to reading the next few posts, which sounds like a great topic for a book. ;)


    Scott - great post! I think you'll enjoy my thoughts today as well - check it out!

    Have a great weekend!

    anne jackson

    i think i have developed a term for what you call "pulling a groeschel" - it's called "getting smacked in the face by chuck norris roundhouse kick."

    when good truth is put forth clearly in this mess of ministry confusion - that's what it feels like. and i must say, it feels good! :)

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