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    July 20, 2007


    Joe Meyer

    Pastor Hodge,
    Let's us know what you think of Os Guinness book "Prophetic Untimelness". It sounds very good.


    so how about i LOVE you for this link. there are so many things that i KNOW i can do with my new MAC, but im just not smart enough to figure out on my own. THANKS!

    Chris K

    We've only been going for about a month, so I'm sorry we weren't there for you back then. But come on by now when you can for iTunes Cheat Sheets, How Do I's and more.

    Thanks for the linkage!

    My First Mac


    My first job used Macs. I pretended I already knew how to use one. It was one of the hardest things I could have ever faked my way through. Now, 8 years later, I could never, ever go back to the PC.

    Jeff Green

    I appreciated this link.


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