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    July 07, 2007


    Clayton Bell

    What a wonderful demonstration of the fullness of the kingdom of God. Thanks for the heads up!

    Skyler Goodman

    Hey Scott! Just stopping by to say hi! Great story, always good to hear about it again. Great time hanging with you at Q!


    That's amazing. I can't imagine having that kind of vision to attempt something that ingenious. I hope others will be prompted to participate with them or branch out themselves.


    Wow...thanks for sharing that with us! How inspiring!

    ted about seeing the glass as "half-full." i love her statement, "they are already proven entrepreneurs..." great post!

    heather e.

    I cried as I watched that... I think that's God's heart, for us to reach ppl like that.


    That is nice of Catherine Rohr to "teach" convicts and all, yet don't you people think there THERE ARE HUGE RISKS TEACHING CONVICTS "ENTREPRENEUAL SKILLS"?

    Surely as a former "Wall Street" Financial expert she should had considered the RISKS that are involved at this sortof "investment" at the convict.

    Risks such as, the convicts putting their newly acquired "entrepreneual knowledge" for drugs, and trying to get a "legitimate" business(mafia) as front for crime-related activities.

    Yes that is unfair for me not to give convicts a second chance or a benefit of a doubt, but "Wall Street" people do not bet on very stock "possible" of being a bull market either.

    one who knows

    I'm a PEP graduate. You can't argue with facts.Pep has a 4.4% return to prison rate, 98% employment rate within 15 days of release,65% of PEP's donors are their own graduates. As for me personally, through this miracle program I found a sence of value in myself for the first time in my life. I now know what it means to really love another person. for the first time in 25 yrs I have the vision and determination to go out there and build a respectable life for myself. There are hundreds of other PEP boys that have a simular story.We will hold ourselves to a higher standard. Success is at our finger tips. Thanks PEP,I am forever gratefull. As for PEP taking a dope dealer and making them a better dope dealer, thats non sence.

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