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    June 28, 2007


    Chris Baker

    I most likely won't be standing in line tomorrow - but hopefully when I get back from Vacation in a week I will get one. My plan goes through my I have to wait for them :-( - the do look sweet. And if someone were to buy you one..they'd have to go to a apple store to do so...At&t is limiting 1 per person at the time being.

    anne jackson

    Husband to me: "How much are we paying for your phone & unlimited data a month? [on AT&T, 8125]

    Me: "80 bucks"

    Husband: "You know with the iPhone it would only be $60 for the same plan"

    Me: "So, you're telling me to go lay down $600 on an iPhone?"

    Husband: "No, you could get the one for $500..."

    Me: "I'll make sure I'll go stand in line..."

    Husband: ::laughs::

    Me: "You were kidding...jerk."

    Husband: "Not about the plan, no."


    Paul Lowe, Jr.


    Great Joke. I must tell my congregation it is "iphone appreciation month" I am sure that would send a buzz around the Shiloh Church. However, I hate to say it but I really do want one but I think I will wait on the 2nd generation.


    Jeff Reed

    I'm standing in line. I've bought the hype, but I bought the hype before they even announced this thing.

    For what it's worth, I'm shaving like $150 off my plan by switching... and I did convince my wife that we are saving money by getting the iPhone.

    Next up, switching to Geigo.

    Chris Surratt

    Until they come up with a solution for Exchange email, I am out. Really, really want one though...


    I'm not going to be standing in line but I am going to get one...eventually. I really like the wifi and real internet capabilities. The only issue that I have is that it's only 4 GB for the iPod part of the iPhone. I have WAY more than 4GB of music and videos than that.


    Chris, you could most likely get your admin at your company to turn on IMAP for you and then you could use it with Exchange.

    Chris Surratt

    Thanks David, but I've already been told that it won't happen. IT guys tend to be Mac haters. :(

    Paul W. Swansen

    If you're going to stand in line tomorrow, apparently it's already to late. I'll wait for the movie/dvd to come out, thanks, and get it from Netflix.

    Chad Payne

    I REALLY REALLY want one, and I'm already with AT&T, but I just can't justify spending $500 on it right now, since we are preparing to build a house. Hmmm..... New house... iPhone. New house... iPhone.... It's close, but I'll have to go with the new house right now. Besides, if I spend the money for ANOTHER Mac product before my wife gets her new house, I may not have a house to come to!!

    Randy Bohlender

    Scott - I hope the church gets you a tie and tickets to the Gaither Reunion Tour. ha!

    No iPhone for me either. Too much money and I'm completely sold on my Blackberry.

    Larry Boatright

    keep in mind folks that Pastor Appreciation Month extends beyond Lead Pastors and to associate pastors as well... so, if you feel compelled to bless a brother with a phone, send one to Scott and he'll get it to me... after which I will be happy to pray for your salvation...

    heretical, I know...


    If this works, and you get an iPhone (or two)... share da' love bro!

    edith Zepeda

    Great!!!! I wish 'd known. Word was spread at the Orchard if we ever wanted to show our appreciation to you we were to get you Starbucks stock. Talk about lack of communication.

    Anthony C.

    ahhhh 16 more hours until the iPhone comes out!! it's pretty sad im getting hyped about something i will probably never looks amazing though..deffinately gonna have to get the 8 gig..gotta do it big baby...hah see you sunday scott..

    Need to know information

    Info from "Light Reading" by Phil Harvey...

    Pricing & Availability

    iPhone will be available in a 4GB model for $499 (US) and an 8GB model for $599 (US), and will work with either a PC or Mac. All iPhone monthly service plans are available for individuals and families and are based on a two-year service agreement with AT&T. Individual plans are priced at 59.99 for 450 minutes, $79.99 for 900 minutes and $99.99 for 1,350 minutes. Other plans are available as well.

    So if you go with the 4-Gig model and the cheapest plan, that's $580, plus tax and fees, up front before you turn the thing on. Let's add another $100, assuming you'll also want a carrying case, some cables, and a new Bluetooth headset so you can drive around without killing anyone.
    What are we up to, $780?

    Oh, there's an activation fee? Tack on $36. So that's $816 for the first month and about $660 for the next 11 months of service. Two-year minimum contracts? Okay, make it $816 plus $1,380 for about two years of service, assuming prices don't jump and you don't go nuts with texting or anything...
    $2,200 for your new phone!

    dave anderson (moviepastor)

    Want one. Wont get one. Here's why:


    Larry Boatright

    wow, somebody has way too much time on their hands!! :)

    Chris Baker

    the phone is utterly amazing - got to play with one tonight.

    Brad Martin

    I'm perfectly happy with my Palm Treo 700p.


    I'm an innercity church planter... so, when you get your FREE "iPod appreciation" gift, ask for another one - I'll be sure to get you a tax-exempt receipt!!

    I'm even with AT&T already.


    I blogged my comments about the iPhone... (but I, like you, will still accept a free one)! cc


    I wont be getting one for a while coz i live in the UK, but apparently the european iPhone will be announced today, and apparently it will be better than the USA version, because the USA version is 2G, and over here will be 3G, and will probably be released in October/November time...

    anthony c

    Mine arrived today I'll bring it Sunday n watch u just kidding

    Kris Barger

    I have one and it is the bomb. I have no complaints yet.

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