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    June 03, 2007


    Chad Payne Well, thanks, bro. Now I've watched them, too. There goes a few more hundred bucks.

    Larry Boatright

    I know. I saw this as well. Luckily I'm ready to buy the day they come out... can you loan me $600?

    okay, bye bye.


    Double dang it!

    Jeff Kapusta

    I have been counting the days. Do you think they will release it the first day of WWDC or do you think Jobs will make us wait longer. I am ready to camp out the day before. Yes I am pathetic but I'm okay with that.

    Jeff Kapusta

    ok disregard the comment about when it's coming out. I guess I should've watched the video first. I've been waiting for months. NOw I got to wait till the 29th. ARGHHHH!

    Joni Ruhs

    Wow that's just sick. Wow. Apple Ads are iPod porn.


    umm...i think they just got a new obsessive fan.


    well from the specs. good phone now personally as it is only a cingular phone i wont switch tmobile for life but hey apple does make good stuff might be going to mac debating on that at the moment lol

    Kyle Minckler

    oooooooooh. So pretty.


    The question is are you an AT&T/Cingular customer. That's the only place you'll be able to get it for five years. Triple dang if you aren't

    Anthony C.

    oh geeze, i want that so bad you have no idea, the only thing bad about the iphone is that it's on the EDGE network and not 3G, so you'll be stuck at a bandwidth of about 140 kps..but it still is amazing!!

    phil crissman

    I've been trying to figure out how to fit two of these in my budget as well. I don't think I'll be an early adopter, but probably (hopefully) by Christmas...


    Looks like you're playing pocket pool in that picture.

    Larry Boatright

    I think as long as you go to a Christian website once a week it is okay...

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