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    May 21, 2007


    Larry Boatright

    I read this this morning, good article. It seems like the old generation decided to get involved in politics, the current generation (Hybels, Warren) are doing the same thing, just focusing on social issues. Our generation seems to have a heart for the same types of things but it seems through more of grassroots means rather than huge campaigns. What do you thinK?


    I somewhat feel it will to further polarization of our faith. I think terms like Emerging, Evangelical, and Mainline will be increasing and their respective voting caucuses will be the target of propaganda.


    Scott, read it this morning and thought it was really a good piece of journalism. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    I know you have run into this dynamic in your own ministry, but people already in the 'Christian Club' expect a church to look and feel a certain way. These expectations form a "litmus test" by which churches and congregations are judged by. When churches change or challenge these conventions in ways that don't pass the establishments "litmus test" then that church is often denigrated as not being an approved representation of what the Church is supposed to be like. That kept a lot of leaders from stepping out in ways God called them to, because they were frightened of the isolation those changes could incur. Now, a lot of leaders have come to care more about what reaches people who need Jesus than being accepted and approved of by those already in the 'Christian Club.'

    The same is true in politics especially for the Christian. In the past if you were a believer your concerns and votes were to be influenced by only one of three things; gay marriage, abortion, and a divine nationalism. I think what we are seeing from some Evangelical leaders is a shifting of core concerns from the issues of personal morality and sanctified destiny towards issues of societal justice and environmental concerns. This is so important for the Church of Jesus because shifting from wagging the finger at people and declaring our righteousness to standing up for people in the name of Jesus who can't do so for themselves (that includes the earth) ultimately shows the true character of Christ and his Church.


    On the surface, the shift seems more like a call for the church to stand up and do its job(feed the hungry, care for widows & orphans etc) rather than trying to force the government into submission to the "Christian Right".


    i also read the article. I thought it was great. I agree with most of you that these are things the church should have been doing a long time ago. Hear me out. I do not believe in "wagging our finger" but I do believe that it is not much to ask that our country attempt to maintain morality through laws even if it deals with gay marriage and abortion alongside social issues/injustices.

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