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    May 15, 2007


    Larry Boatright

    that's just awesome Scott, it's really cool that you did that and that people responded the way they did.

    Scott Bell

    Scott - Thanks for sharing. Awesome story of your mother and Orchard.


    I, too, have seen how painful a journey it has been for your mom without your dad. But, she has a lot more courage and strength than she may realize. Pam and I have been blessed countless times in the time that we have known your folks. You can be proud knowing that the Hodges shared their lives, their home, their faith, and so much more with you and Kelly.

    Doug R.

    It was probably my favorite part of the service this past sunday. As someone who grew up in a church with a lot of "long timers", I have a real soft spot for them and their faithfullness.

    I also don't think enough credit goes to the wife of a pastor. "Behind every good man" really is appropriate.

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