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    April 18, 2007



    man.. that is a really weird hotel but it was a gutsy try!

    kenny eicher >

    Good insight Scott. With risk will come failures, but eventually success as well. It's refreshing to see a corp as large as McD's as forward thinking. Maybe they're getting scared that documentaries like SuperSize Me and Fast Food Nation might start sinking into their core base.


    Many years ago one of their employees had a great idea that McDonald's wouldn't get behind.

    Someone had the crazy idea to blow out a wall and install a "drive thru" ...McDonald's didn't think it would work so the guy used his own money to add the drive thru!

    McDonald's obviously learned from that mistake and are now heading in the opposite direction!


    My heart skipped a beat......

    I thought it was titled Macfailure.


    I recently read about and mentioned the documentary "Super Size Me" in our blog. The main point was that in the book Simple Church, they state McDonalds is influencing future generations. Churches are not.

    I guess they are not doing it through hotel rooms...which I guess is even a better thing.


    anyone hungry for a quarter pounder with cheese meal? then you can go to your room and sleep it off. count me in.

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