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    March 29, 2007


    Amber Cox

    I like that.


    don't be surprised if you see that on my blog sometime soon

    ht: ScottHodge

    Johnny Laird

    Liking the magazine choice, Scott.

    I'll have to check out HBR.

    Tommy McGregor

    Hey Scott- FYI- I'm a lifelong subscriber to The Underwater Basket Weaving Gazette. Don't knock it til you try it, man!

    Michael McLemore

    Just ordered Competing on Analytics three weeks ago...published by HBR.

    That was also a great issue of HBR...


    coincidently this past week i was at a leadership workshop that my company provides every six weeks (it's an all day event)...where we talked and reflected on a harvard business review article...great article!

    Moments of Greatness: Entering the Fundamental State of Leadership Requires Premium Subscription, by Robert E. Quinn


    That's good... as long as the "intention" she mentions is a true and action-oriented intention so strong that it moves us to work hard toward competence and influence. I think that being willing to help (at least in the conventional weaker sense of "willing") doesn't reveal as much character as being able to help does.

    Does that make sense?

    I need to check out the HBR. Thanks for the tip.

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