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    July 18, 2006


    Jon Sampson

    Those are some awesome points. I read Unstoppable Force about a year ago, but I rushed through it. It's probably worth going through it again at some point.

    I especially like the point under "stories": They want to know what you know about God, not simply what you've learned.

    It's easy for us to talk about what we know, isn't it?

    Thanks for pulling out some of the 'good stuff' for us...


    Great stuff!

    emma Boyd

    I think "rewards' and 'character' are very similar points... what you give your time to etc not only demonstrates what you think is important, but displays your character. Great thoughts though, want to read this now.

    RC of strangeculture

    My friend Jon linked to this post on his blog and to be honest, the whole part about stories stresses me out.

    Get this, i totally understand it, and even sometimes can tell a good story...

    but man, trying to tell a good story stresses me out...

    I totally agree w/ the fact of our time showing what's important.

    I think my church I go to now stinks at developing and fostering indegenous leaders, i want to figure out how to create this ethos and bring it into our church as we are under major organization changes right now.

    Great post, thanks for sharing these points.

    --RC of


    Man Scott, the more I see of you, the more I am convinced of this:

    You are a really dangerous man... in a really good way.

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