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    March 10, 2006


    Jesse J. Anderson

    heh, well I can take the blame for throwing you up on

    I thought they were great and other peeps would want to see them... and everyone should get to feel like a celebrity once in a while. =)

    Jesse J. Anderson

    oh, and is the official Digg link for the story.

    franki durbin

    You're right. It was just a picture. But the topic is hot, Digg is "the" place to be seen...and your blog was a great discovery this afternoon! I'll be stopping by daily. Nice to meet you, Scott. Keep up the energy.


    Man, I can't believe we didn't get your autograph while we were in Chicago!



    I thank for putting your article up. W/O it, I wouldn't have found your awesome blog. I pray that God will use this for his glory.


    The pictures sure draw the attention. The advertisers finally came up with something that will be remembered more by its creativity, rather than its stupidity, like we see in most TV commercials. A good product rarely needs to be advertised, for it will speak for itself.

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