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    March 09, 2006


    Terry Storch

    My MacBook is on its way! I am foaming at the mouth...


    Wow, that broken glass effect looks great from a distance (read: small photos) but close-up isn't very impressive. I'm sure it has a great affect on passer-bys and Apple's only goal with that marketing tool, I'm sure, is to get people to notice the store. I bet it's working. Thanks for sharing this.

    Andrew Michael

    How is it that Apple make you *think* you need everything they invent?
    I wish I could come up with a concept like that.

    Julio Nobrega

    Nice finding!

    chris thompson

    I remember seeing that window a week ago. I really didn't pay attention enough to see the HiFi sitting there.

    matthias Bonjour

    terry, I think the huge white apple logo is probably enough to get people to notice the store..

    Christian Anderson

    I was working at IDF all week and walked by this window everyone morning and night. I couldn't believe it when I first saw the window. I thought someone had thrown something threw the window. Especially since there was a security guard standing outside when I first walked by.

    Alejandro Jose Correa

    it looks awesome small and far away, but like engraved shit up close

    BIG Fan

    ok you're very handsome but your picture is irrelevant here

    carl dene

    What exactly is happening, douche?

    Rheuter Cheng

    On your own photo, why it was being mirrored? (Check the wordings on the background banner)

    David Russell

    Wow. Got my hands on one a few hours ago at Pentagon City Mall. Suh-weet. And I'm supposed to be the PC guy...
    Anyway, they had the same window motif. Pretty catchy!

    darl mcbride

    Screw the boom box, I want to see the new leather case for the ipod!!

    Chris Brinser

    They did the same thing at the one in woodlands[aka houston]


    Ha! I saw the same thing on Michigan Ave on my drive home today, I thought it was real!

    Yogesh Jangam


    Really mind-blowing!
    Nice campaign..I mean really creative of who ever thought of it!

    Need to digg it


    Carl, I think Photo Booth mirrors everything by default.. I played around with a G5 iMac that had it, and it mirrored shots too

    Dan Warne

    I don't feel the need whatsoever to buy an iPod HiFi or a $99 leather iPod case. For the first time in a long time I feel ZERO compulsion. Which tells me that Apple hasn't got these products right.

    Incidentally I was given the opportunity to test-drive an iPod Hi-Fi, and it does have very good sound. Just not good enough to make me want to part with my money considering I already have a reasonably decent HiFi solution that I can connect my iPod to via a dock. And most people do.

    The fact that it is feature lacking (missing a video output for your TV for example) also removes another key reason I might consider buying it. It'd be pretty cool as a below-your-TV sound system in conjunction with iPod Video. But no. Apple didn't include that.

    meh. I'll pass.


    A very interesting advertising campaign indeed.

    Those guys over at Apple know what theyre doing :)

    Paul W. Swansen

    Scott - Deer in the headlights look.

    Mickey J Barczyk

    oh man!
    thats dmn clever advertising!


    Damn, that iSight resolution is shmexy. I want one more and more each day.

    I also hate you for having an Apple store in your city, lol.


    They're using the exact same thing at the London Apple store. I saw it yesterday walking up Regent Street :)




    just wanna let you know i copied your images at


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