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    February 21, 2006



    Oh, man, Scott (or should I say, amen, Scott). This is good preaching for a Monday.


    Man are you right on or what.....
    "Being the church" slaps every traditional, inward focused, "safe" church right where they need it....

    If more churches were focused on being the church, Jesus' message of hope and love would be clear and not clouded by our western version of "Churchianity"

    bill streger

    Scott, we officially changed out church vision statement a few weeks ago to better reflect the language we've been using for the past year or so. Kaleo's vision is to help people quit going to church. (We always follow that up by explaining that church was never supposed to be an event we go to, but who we are - God's people living together on mission for Him).

    Great thoughts!


    Spot on , Scott. Spot on.

    Carolyn Birchill

    Scott, I would go even a step further and say it is just about BEING. Being love, being compassion, being truth in every moment. As you say everyday of the week not just the day we come together in fellowship.

    I am currently in Mcleod Ganj, home of the Dalai Lama, who currently is in residence. Here there is no particular day one goes to the temple. Word goes out a service is going to be given and people just come together. The last one I went to 2 weeks ago 5000 Tibetans came together with their cushions and sat on the ground outside to listen to the teachings. I am not Budhist though the embrace I was received in as a foreigner/outsider was in itself a lesson in love, compassion and reaching out to your fellow man.

    The purpose of church is really just a coming together of like minded souls to give reverence and share the teachings of BEING.

    John Richardson

    So True....

    I'm really praying that God would help us to be the kind of church community that realizes that we are not here for ourselves - but for others. The kind of church community that realizes that church isn't something we "go to" - but something we ARE on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc...

    Thanks for the insight!



    Your intents are good, but as long as you have the building, it will be, "the tail that wags the dog". The rehetoric of being the church will never become the reality as long as you continue to go to church. It will be a purpose statement or an intellectual reality, but it will never be fleshed out in the real world. That's why the early church met in homes and those congregations were refered to as ,"the church that meets in ________ house. Interesting that you will never find the early church,"going to church."

    sam sanders

    Good conversation. Most people who claim to be "Christians" or followers of Christ would agree that the church is actually the people themselves, the body of Christ or "the saved". However, there is a prevalent mentality that the body of Christ has to meet in a building on Sunday. This is likely due to the fact that it is all that Christians have known for 2000 years because of twelve centuries of Romanization. The nature of Church is not reflected in a constant series of religious meetings lead by professional and talented clergy; Church is a way of life, a way of living. The early Church actually met in homes where people feel at home: in ordinary houses. I am currently studying Ecclesiology. I desire to understand what the church should and shouldn't be. I'm glad to see that people are stepping out of the box and searching for the truth. You guys really need to read Wolfgang Simson's "The 15 Theses." Similar to Martin Luther's 95 Theses that commenced the Protestant Reformation, Simon's 15 Theses is a list of 15 things that the modern church needs to change. Visit this link to my blog to read the 15 Theses:

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