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    July 13, 2005



    commmunicating & leading excites me but counseling & pointless meetings drain me.

    Terry Storch

    You are so right. Please do not fall into the Pastor Trap or Pastor Lie that tells you that you have to do everything. Delegate and focus on what you are gifted at. Surround yourself with insane Talent and let them support you!


    I think this is a matter that calls for discernment. Sometimes, without a doubt, dropping that which drains me is the optimal choice. However, sometimes, upon reflection, I may just need to reframe my attitude about what seemingly drains me.

    Here's a silly little example... When I first began to sew I absolutely loved dreaming up what I would make, choosing the patterns and materials and stitching the garment together. On the other hand, I detested adjusting and pinning the pattern and cutting it out. One day, after dragging my feet on a particular project, I realized if I wanted to become a true seamstress, I needed to embrace the dreaded preparation stage. This awareness, coupled with the desire to ‘become', allowed me to change my mind about the dreaded part until, quite frankly, I came to love it just as much as the rest of the process. As a result, my skill grew in leaps and bounds.

    Perhaps there is another way to look at what drains you before deciding to give up on it all together. I'm probably ;) being presumptuous here; however, from what I can tell after reading your blog all these months, I think you're a natural motivator and, most likely, a very clear sighted counsellor.


    I agree Scoot. I don't claim to be an amazing leader but I have learned that it simply being faithful with the resources God has given you (with your gifts/talents) by focusing on your strengths. We waste too much time on trying to 'round' ourselves out.


    What Gemma shared has a lot of wisdom. Discernment about what is an unnecessary drain on you (but could be someone else's energizer!) and what is something you should face and conquer for growth.

    For me, a great creative planning session is so energizing! Sitting in a ladies book club discussion and seeing someone GET IT is energizing.

    Planning things that I know won't happen drains me. I absolutely hate meetings that seem pointless -- a meeting for the sake of meeting -- especially when I know what is discussed will never get past the planning stage.


    Solving problems excites me. In my line of work that means designing or implementing software to improve business processes. Improved processes mean lower costs, increased productivity and higher payoffs, and that's always exciting. Learning also excites me.
    People who over promise and under deliver drain me. I believe you should always set realistic expectations. If in the end you end up over delivering, bravo!


    I get energized by helping people. I actually like counselling (even the tough issues) I like motivating the team to accomplish the task. Numbers and details kill me. Actually suck the life right out of me.

    The hard part Scott is that as I went through Buckingham's book (for the 3rd time now) I realized that he is talking mostly about large organizations and doesn't focus on the "entrepreneurial" organization. With size you can afford to staff your weaknesses. Without size you are forced to be good at your weakness or your organization suffers until you have the size to staff for it. In church you can fill some with volunteers, but only to an extent and only if your limited applicant pool has the time and talent to do what you need them to do.


    good thoughts matt.


    Things that energize me: encouraging people, decorating/designing, make up, being creative, singing, photography, anything ART related (except detailed drawings, lol), helping people in general
    Things that drain me:
    Thinking about what drains me, just kidding.........
    Being around people who are constantly negative or constantly talking bad about themselves (it really drains the energy of the atmosphere and makes me feel like I should say something positive to not let their negative views stick to me)

    Kenny (blaqenedwyte blog)

    Things that excite me: Spending time with my daughter. Being granted the trust to be creative. Brainstorming with other creative people. Sitting on top of a mountain.
    Things that drain me: Close-minded people. Negative people. Talking politics.


    Oh, I thought of this this morning:
    I feel drained when I feel like I'm on my own, alone with the responsibility or task. I feel completely energized when I feel part of a team, especially a dynamic and creative team.

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