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    June 21, 2005



    Colorado's a little far northwest on yer map there, buddy.

    I have never traveled to CO for pleasure, so I'm not help in that regard.


    We just took a vacation to Colorado last summer and it was wonderful - especially in contrast to the Texas heat. I would say an absolute must-see is Rocky Mountain National Park/Estes Park. We went to Denver as well, but things didn't get really pretty until we got up into the mountains. Truly breathtaking! I think it took us about 90 minutes to get there from Denver.


    Pikes Peak ( and Royal Gorge Bridge ( two great places to visit in the Colorado Springs area. In Denver, there is the Denver Mint, 16th Street Pedestrian Mall ( I am sure there are a lot of other neat places I don't know about though. Have fun!!


    Oh, never mind then. I've been to both Pike's Peak and the Royal Gorge. Both are wonderful!

    Shannon M.

    LOVE Colorado! Estes Park was a great recommendation although all you can really do is sightsee or go hiking. The hiking is GREAT!! But you have to go into Rocky Mountain National park for the views. Another great place - Winterpark! It is fun for kids - they have one of those cement sled rides that go all the way down the mountain. HUGE fun. Keystone is great fro the views and the Gondola ride and shopping. THey also have a GREAT STARBUCKS there!


    Shannon is absolutley right! There are beautiful places to hike and view the gorgeous mountains.

    Keystone, I believe, is about an 1 1/2 hours away from Denver. This would be a place to keep in mind to drive to while you are there.

    I promise, there will be an urge in you to want to stay once you see the grandiose mountains.


    Dude, tell me your not going to General Council! Are you?


    Roxborough State Park is nice. It's southwest of Denver, but still in the metro area. It's perfect if you don't want to wander too far from the city. It has great views, and if you kids are small, it's has great family hiking trails.

    Estes Park is always a crowd favorite. It's a small town right at the entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park. It's always a hit with out of towners, but if you're in Estes, you might as well go to RMNP. The best part is that you are likely to see elk walking around town, even crossing the street. If you've seen "The Shining", the hotel where that movie was filmed is in Estes Park. You can go on the Stanley Kubrick tour of the propertly.

    And there's Garden of the Gods. Also in the Colorado Springs area. Great views of the mountains and other famous Colorado rock formations. It too has trails ranging from nature walks, to strenuous climbing trails.

    If you do head over to the Colorado Springs area, and you see signs for Cave of the Winds. Don't bother.

    Also, be prepared for the weather to change. Whatever you wear on your day-trip, take the opposite and keep it in the car... just in case. I don't know how sensitive you are to elevation, but you will be at a minimum of 6000 ft. regardless of where you go. And at 9000+ if you head to Estes and RMNP.

    Have Fun! I expect a full report with photos when you get back!

    Jim Walton

    Hey Scott, I grew up in western Colorado, in Glenwood Springs, which is 160 miles west of Denver on I-70. It's a beautiful area, but might be a little farther than you want to travel. Glenwood has the world's largest natural hot springs pool, it 2 blocks long! There is 2 pools, 1 is very hot, like a sauna and is mainly for soaking and the other is warm and goes from 3ft to 12ft or so, with diving boards etc. About 40 miles south of Glenwood is Aspen, which is worth seeing. Between Denver and Glenwood you go thru the Eisenhower tunnel, about 3 miles long at about 10,000ft elevation, then you go past Frisco, Keystone, Copper Mountain, and Dillon, on the other side of that pass, then up and over Vail pass, which comes down in Vail, then Glenwood is another 60 miles past that.

    It's all good stuff to see, many of the ski areas let you ride the chair lift or gondola to the top of the mountain, for a price, but that is fun in the summer time.

    Have fun, man.....I'm jealous!

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