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    December 10, 2008



    Are we talking about an individual church's "mission" statement, or the Great ComMISSION?


    Thanks Scott, that's a brilliant reminder.

    Bill Swaringim

    ahhhh....timely reminder. Thank you Scott

    Isaac Downing


    Chris Courtney


    Leanne Shawler

    Oh there has to be a way to pin this to a wall somewhere.

    Although, you know, I think deadlines should be sacred.... (although they never are)

    Chris S.

    Whoa, wait a minute... the font in the program isn't sacred!? But we've done it like that since 1834!

    On a more serious note, I am wondering if "mission" is really the bottom line. I think I know what you are saying with this but if we stick to that language it can be pretty easy to put "mission" above people and then people simply become pawns in a quest to achieve "mission."

    I am certain that you are defining mission as making disciples, which intrinsically values people and following Jesus, but the bottom line of "mission" could be a tripping point for some.

    Just thinking "out loud." :-)

    Tammy Burns

    Thank you for this great reminder..


    hmmmmmm... I don't know, Scott. The Font isn't sacred? Some of them are at least blessed, right? I mean come on... HELVETICA!!!


    I love the sacred:
    & Scott, thanks for your love of the arts!
    -st. Mars

    travis Spencer

    sounds like seeds to change are being planted!

    John Finkelde

    Outstanding Scott!


    It seems that facial hair is sacred :-).

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