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    November 02, 2008



    Aww, but i've always wanted a pony! Mommy said i could have one when i was a grown up! no fair!

    Fred Shirley

    sucks to be you! LOL

    Rob Edwards

    Now who's the biggest loser?


    your sad cuz your fat friends can not ride with you. how sweet.

    Mark B

    "awh.. I guess I should have obeyed the sign.. poor pony.."

    tim irwin

    Well then, do you have three ponies I can ride?


    Awww kid, come on now... you can still be near the pony. Here's a bucket and shovel.


    2 things.

    Less layers. Fewer clothes, you weigh less.

    Less hair product. It's amazing how much that stuff weighs.

    jamey johnson

    LOL! Yeah boy!!!

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