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    October 22, 2008



    Hey Scott, what program do you use to make your mind maps?

    Scott Bloyer

    Would I be able to get a copy of that just to take a look. Not at exactly what you are doing but how the program looks printed out. I have already done some research on the program from you other post just want to see it in real time - hard copy. If you aren't comfortable with that it's all cool.

    Nathan Weselake

    It looks exegetically sound, theologically astute, and has already transformed my life.

    Dale Schaeffer

    I've been using Mindjet's mapping program for about a year...I love it. We also use it for creating maps of meetings, flow charts, and often use it for managing projects....great stuff.

    Joni Ruhs

    You've either mapped out your thoughts for this weekend or split the atom. Not sure which by what I see.

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