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    May 19, 2008



    yea it was down pretty much all night for me, and was really slow the other day...


    I loved the tweet from today:

    "By the way y'all, Twitter will be down for a two hour maintenance window tonight, as well as 2-3 hours a day for the rest of your life."

    David Wegley

    I was listening to a tech podcast recently and someone spoke about this issue in particular. Twitter is just a big huge database that is getting little tiny 140 entries thousands of times daily. They need to change the way they are doing things or one day it will be twitter is up for an hour and goes down for two or more daily.

    Peter Carino

    They have a popularity problem and a platform problem. I know that it crashed when Steve Job spoke at Mac World! I understand they are working on it...year right.

    David Russell

    Poorly developed web application that was not ready to scale.

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